Pro2Client Giftables™

and the

singleFile™ system

In real estate, they says its Location! Location! Location!

For the beauty industry - for nail pros, beauty technicians, estheticians, and yes, even salon & spa owners and..oh yeah...especially for the CUSTOMERS - its...

Sanitation! Sanitation! Sanitation!

When it comes to nail files for manicures & pedicures, the basic sanitation solution for years has been washing and sanitizing those nail files, always a fun little chore...and then re-using them.

Call that old school. And, you know - just plain Yucky! (Think about it. Come'on.)

Now (drum roll please,) there is a simple and elegant solution. And it starts with the right attitude, and a commitment:

No More Sharing! Especially when sharing is not appropriate and certainly not necessary.

And it is not necessary because of the second part of the solution (this is where we want to sell you something, and pay the rent):

Pro2Client Giftables™ The Use It, then Gift It! nail files. We call this the singleFile™ system. The system is so simple - (sorry, we will be repeating ourselves) Use It, then Gift It!

singelFile nail file


The main singleFile™ nail files each have multiple grits. They are at least 4-way files, with 2 grits per side. Enough abrasive power and variety to complete most manicure/pedicures. One side is dedicated to shaping and has the coarse grits. This side also has thinner cushioning which is needed when doing some serious filing. The other side is dedicated to finishing or shining. It has thicker cusioning and finer grits.

One tool per job. Give it to the client for some love. And you are done. No cleaning (did we say Yuck!)

Here's a closeup of the cushioning. You can see the core running down not-quite the middle, and the thick cusioning on the front side with the printing, and the thin cushioning on the back, which is the coarse side:


singleFile closeup


As part of the singleFile™ system (everything is a "system" nowadays, and if not, its a "solution". We've got both, proud to say - the singleFile™ system solution to sanitation) we also have some mini files for simple touch-ups. Sometimes that's all you need. And then you got a cute little file to give the client.

Where to buy: And ask for it at your local beauty supply!!! Please.